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Kakashi Carnage

Kakashi Carnage - EMS Application - ACCEPTED

First Name: Kakashi

Last Name: Carnage

Age: 17

Where are you from? United States, California

Timezone: Pacific Time Zone

Why do you want to become a member of the EMS? (75 words) I been wanting to join the EMS for a long time. I love the EMS field, as I have a great passion for the EMS field, so it would be my honor to join the EMS. I am always respectful to the field. I would demote many of my time as a medic, I will always be active. I have some serious love the Department, so it would mean the world if I can be in the EMS. I will always help my fellow citizens, as well was my fellow medics and officers. Also, EMS seems like a very fun job to do again as I have been a EMS medic before, so it would awesome to work as a EMS EMT again.

What do you hope to get out of being a member of the EMS? (50 WORDS) What I hope to get out of being a EMS EMT is to be the best I can be and achieve greatness, whether that would be ranking or just common courtesy. I have over 1 year of EMS related experience and have achieve ranks like EMT, Paramedic, Captain, and Assistant Chief. I absolutely love working in the EMS, and being able to become successful in the field as well is incredible. 

Who is the current Commissioner of EMS? Damo DiNozzo

Do you have any experience? Yes, plenty of experience on other communities: Plenty of experience, I absolutely know what to expect

Can you work well with others? Yes

Do you have patience when dealing with people? Yes, plenty of patience

Can you take orders? Yes

Do you understand That If your are Inactive you will be removed? Yes

Do You understand that If you do not reach role play standards you will be removed? Yes

What is your duty as a member of EMS? (Whats your opinion) Your duty as a EMS member is to keep Lakeside safe and, well, alive. You are expected to show excelling attirbutes to enhance Lakesides well being. You are required to be able to work in stressful situations and be able to use critical thinking when needed.



I Kakashi Carnage Agree that by submitting This Form I will do My best to create good role play, Follow ALL rules and SOP's and Keep updated With EMS activities. I agree If I Do Not Fulfill my duties I WILL be removed From EMS. Lastly I agree that If I break any RULES, OR COMMIT ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES ON EMS LIFE, I will be removed and blacklisted.

I Kakashi Carnage Sign This document and put it forward to be Reviewed.

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@Kakashi Carnage   At this time your APP has been accepted, see anyone from advanced emt and above for your interview.

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