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      Arma3Sync Repo   12/24/2016

      A tutorial of how to install the mods can be found HERE.   Current Repository link:  http://repo.ordinarygaming.net/a3smain/.a3s/autoconfig
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      READ THE RULES   12/27/2016

      Just because we're in beta does not mean that you don't have to follow the rules. They're in place for a reason bans and WP will be given if issues keep happening.  
Kakashi Carnage

Kakashi Carnage - Support Team Application

Support Team Application


Title: Kakashi Carnage- Support Team - 12/31/2016


Name: Kakashi Carnage


Age: 17


SteamID: 76561198043246559


How long have you been apart of Ordinary Gaming?: Since December 8th 2016


What is your Timezone?: Pacific Time Zone


Why do you want to join the Support Team? (75 Word Minimum): I want to join the Support Team mainly because I love helping people. It is a great passion that I have to help others and I truly believe I can express that if I join the Support Team. I love helping people out as it makes me feel good. I always wanted to help people in the Support channels when they need help. I also would enjoy conducting interviews for new members possibly being induced in our great community. I believe the Support Team is a superb idea and I can't help to join the team. I have some good friends in the Support Team, so it would be also doing it together with them.


Why should we accept you over other applicants? (75 Word Minimum): You should accept me over other applicants because of many things. I am a very mature, respectful, active, and outgoing person. As I said before, I love helping others. It is my pleasure to help people, so that is one key point a support member needs. I also very active. I spend at least 5-8+ hours a day in both TeamSpeak and in-game, so that is something that's very important. Most of the time I like chilling in TeamSpeak, so I can rapidly respond to anyone that needs help. I don't understand why some support members don't respond quickly to people, but I can assure you that is not the case with me. I have a vast amount of experience when it comes it support, so I know what to do and expect.

What special skills can you bring to our Support Team? (75 Word Minimum): I special skills I contain are many. Like I said earlier, I have a mature, respectful, active, and outgoing person. I can benefit this team greatly, I assure you that. I am also very active as that can benefit the team greatly. I am very happy person in general, so you will not see me with a bad attitude. I am extremely passionate when it comes to helping people, so that would bring a different feel to the team when I am around. I fully understand what to expect as well what to do. I can handle stressful situations quite well, so if anything I can handle anything great and professionally. Those are some skills I have when it comes to the Support Team.

How much time will you spend doing your duties as Support Team?: 5-8+ hours daily

Do you promise you will treat every member with respect and help anyone who needs it?: Yes



Any extra information you'd like to add?: I have plenty of experience in Support Team. I also have plenty of experience in Staff Team's on various communities. I have conducted large amounts of interviews and support cases, and I would love to show my work and dedication here.

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