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    • John Reddington

      Arma3Sync Repo   12/24/2016

      A tutorial of how to install the mods can be found HERE.   Current Repository link:  http://repo.ordinarygaming.net/a3smain/.a3s/autoconfig
    • John Reddington

      READ THE RULES   12/27/2016

      Just because we're in beta does not mean that you don't have to follow the rules. They're in place for a reason bans and WP will be given if issues keep happening.  
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Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones - Support Team - 12/27/16

Name: Matthew Jones



Age: 15



SteamID: STEAM_0:1:60254418



How long have you been apart of Ordinary Gaming?: Not too long but I've been apart of support team on several different communities.



What is your Timezone?: Central Standard Time



Why do you want to join the Support Team? (75 Word Minimum): I want to join technical support to assist people having issues installing their mods for Ordinary Gaming, I want the server to be as populated as possible and I would enjoy having many active members as well as lots of hard tasks to complete. I always look for a challenge, whether it's helping people or just making friends. I have assisted many people in the past before and I feel as if this wont be any different from the previous experiences I've had .



Why should we accept you over other applicants? (75 Word Minimum): I think I should be accepted into technical support over others is because of my previous experiences in other communities helping people out and just being an overall helpful guy. I enjoy making peoples day greater and letting them have a good experience on a fantastic server. I also think I should be accepted because of my overall outstanding personality. Many people have personally told me I am a nice and funny guy to talk to and experiences with me never get saturated or annoying. I feel as if because of these qualities I can help the community greater rather than just helping people out on the forums occasionally.



What special skills can you bring to our Support Team? (75 Word Minimum): I can bring many skills to this support team, I have extensive knowledge of modding and debugging mod issues. Like I've said before I have an outstanding personality and I have many friends in the community. As support team whenever I see someone online I will try to make room and help them. I believe if a player doesn't get the help they need then it strives more and more players away from the community and not towards it. I feel as if in the support team position people will be satisfied with their service.



How much time will you spend doing your duties as Support Team?: As much as possible, if I see someone needs help I will assist them if I have the time.



Do you promise you will treat every member with respect and help anyone who needs it?: Yes.



Any extra information you'd like to add?: No

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