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Garry Chapman

Garry Chapman | 12/26/2016 | LVSO PATROL APPLICATION - ACCEPTED

1. First and Last Name:  Garry Chapman

2. DoB (Date of Birth): 01/28/1998

3. Location: Hawaii

4. Timezone: PIT

5. Why do you want to become a Patrol Officer? 

  I have been here for the only week, and all my encounters with the PD have positive! I am enjoying my time here in this "state, " and I wanted to take apart in the police department. I have been an Officer in other "states" and had tons of fun and took my job very seriously. All I have seen from the officers in the department is the same. I have worked with the command staff before and can't wait to have a chance to join the department.

6. Why should we hire you?(100 words): I think I stand out more than other applicants because I want to be an officer when I grow up. So this makes me take my Role-Play to a whole another level. I can also use the current knowledge I have now about law enforcement and apply it to the server. I can help out command in situations that they might not know how to deal with. I have been the CHife Of police on another server that had huge player bases. Overall My experience make me better than all the other applicants

7. What makes you stand out more than other applicants?

 I have been on other servers and have gained a lot of experience. I also have real life experience with law enforcement, for example, I have gone on so many ride alongs I have lost count. I enjoy the LEO side of arma and would love to be an officer here. 

8. Any notable experience? 

I have been state command on other servers 

9. Can you work under stressful conditions?


10. Do you have patience with people?


11. Are you interested in eventually transferring to any other department in the future?


12. What is something special about you?

I am wanting to be a police Officer when I become of age 

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Had permission from me to post carry on normal app process 

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