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John Reddington
By John Reddington in Important Info,
Server Rules Ordinary Gaming Official Rules. These rules will be updated frequently, without notice. Please keep an eye on this for updated rules! Your goal on this server is to make RP fun for yourselves AND others, not win gun fights.     Requirements to join: Clear microphone Proper RP Name     Greenzones No crime in Green Zones. (20m radius around these areas) - Sheriff’s Office fenced-in areas. - Jail is not a green zone when a jailbreak is in progress. - Civilian Spawns - EMT Bases / Hospitals - Inside bars and casinos. - ATM’s - Car Garage - The race track. - The Shooting Range. - NPCS (except drug dealer AND drug processor / packagers AND hookers) - Running into a green zone whilst in a combat situation the zone is no longer a "green zone". - Excessive baiting/trash talking inside a green zone is classed as initiation. - Courthouses are green-zones at all times - you can not take over the courthouses.     Exploiting / Power Gaming / General Etiquette -Using unintended methods of obtaining gear is bannable. IE taking gear from Paintball/Duping/AI. -Under NO circumstances do you leave the map. -No logging out / in to avoid RP situations. -No disruptive behaviour, IE - Abuse, Spamming music in bank robberies, yelling in PD or baiting police. -Dont METAGAME or break character. -Dont create invisible knives, choke people with handcuffs etc. You are not a wizard.     NLR (New Life Rule) If you RESPAWN - You can remember friends. - You cannot remember enemies. - You cannot return to the scene of your death until 15 minutes after re-spawn. - You cannot return to the same RP situation.   If you are REVIVED - You can not remember the past 15 minutes unless its for medical purposes. - You can not reinitiate in the same RP situation. - You can be reintroduced to a RP situation via Law Enforcement charges / Restraining. - You can only use CPR to revive a player if you are planning on helping them. You can remember if CPR'd.    Double Lives - DOJ,IA, and LEO Command cannot double life - Only EMS is allowed to double life into a gang - If you want to double life then you must have a different RP first and last name failure to do so will fall under FailRP - Pick a different first and last name to use and then stick it with it failure to do so will result in WP     Initiation -You can not assault people with out proper vocal RP initiation that stems from you or your group in all situations. -You can not murder someone unless they have threatened your life or have not complied with your reasonable demands. -You can not holster your weapon until you are leaving a live fire scenario or it has ended. -Initiation must first be done by voice while you are outside of a vehicle. -Initiated role-play lasts for roughly 10 minutes before you must re-initiate. -You can not initiate gun play RP with police while restrained(for example: Telling Police they will die unless they let you go.) Initiation must be done by an outside source that was directly involved in the original RP situation. If you were not involved in the original situation, you can not shoot, rob or threaten the Police while they are making a detainment on your friend, gang member or random civilian. -Being restrained by a Police Officer is not classed as initiation.     Cherishing Life - You must value all life unless you are in a RP initiated life threatening situation with the person(s). - You do not revive / Cpr people in an active gunfight.     Civilian Sided - You CANNOT use a police taser or wear police clothing. - You CANNOT steal EMS vehicles / clothing / vests. - Gangs cannot ally with each other   Jail Breaks/Bank - If you use a helicopter, the front doors have to be blown upon landing. - You CANNOT take over the jail. - You CANNOT do a Jailbreak and a Bank Robbery at the same time if you are in the same group.       Server Restarts When the server restarts and you are detained, you MUST come back unless told otherwise by your arresting officer. If someone does not lock pick you out of handcuffs, your arresting officer dies or an officer does not physically un-restrain you, RP must be continued as if you were still restrained.       Sheriff Sided You CANNOT sell or give cop gear/weapons. Doing so will result in a perm ban. Side chat can ONLY be used to find out the tac. You CANNOT taze people out of enclosed vehicles. Internal Affairs are not allowed to be corrupt or double life   DOJ Sided You CANNOT be corrupt doing so will result in a perm ban       EMS Sided Ems are a neutral force and do not take sides. You do not revive people in an active gunfight. No Criminal Activity is allowed while you are on duty as an EMS. EMS are in control of you after reviving you, do everything they ask and RP your injuries. Ban Procedures & Punishments     Fail RP 1 day 1 week Permanent   RDM/VDM 3 days 1 weeks Permanent   Glitching or Exploit 1 week 2 weeks Permanent   Looting bodies 1 day 1 week Permanent   Combat Logging 1 day 1 week Permanent   Metagaming 3 days 1 week Permanent   Disrespect/Racism 1 day 1 week Permanent   EMS Abuse (stealing EMS vehicles, robbing EMS, etc.) 1 day 1 week Permanent   New Life Rule (NLR) 3 days 2 weeks Permanent   Green Zone Violation 1 day 1 week Permanent   Combat Log 1 day 1 week Permanent   Side Chat Abuse/Spam Kick 1 day 1 week Permanent   Out of Character 1 week 3 weeks Permanent   30 warning points Permanent
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