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    • Dom

      Looking for Developers!   03/27/2017

      I am currently looking for a multitude of developers to join the team, I need: Texturers - people with experience in things like photoshop, gimp - to make new textures for vehicles, clothing and signs Modellers - people with experience in things such a blender, object builder, maya - to make new vehicles, as well as much smaller physical item models Programmers - people with experience in any sort've programming language, preferably SQF/C++ - to create totally new content Balance consultant/config writer - no experience needed - this role will be to fill config's in, and make sure that gameplay is balanced, by putting in the content made at fair prices, to ensure the economy is balanced, as well as balancing cars, vests and anything like that If your interested, please send me a PM or put in a dev app. Thanks, Dom
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John Reddington

Donate to Ordinary Gaming [APPROVED]

Monetization Status: APPROVED

Individual Donations


Tier 1 (Donator)


- Access to Donator only clothing and vehicle skins (Not yet implemented)

- Donator tag on TS


Tier 2 (Donator Plus)


- Donator Plus tag on TS

- Access to Donator only clothing and vehicle skins (Not yet implemented)

- Custom color name tag in game



Gang/Business Donations

If you want to get your gang or business some custom items in game then here's our Donation Options:


Gang/Business Package 1

$40 (One Time Purchase)

- 3 TS Channels and 1 TS tag

- Custom Vest Skin

- Custom Outfit Skin


Gang/Business Vehicle Skin


- 1 Custom Vehicle Skin for your Gang/Business


Gang/Business Vest Skin


- 1 Custom Vest Skin for your Gang/Business


Gang/Business TS Channel


- 1 TS Channel for your Gang/Business


Gang/Business TS Tag


- 1 TS Tag for your Gang/Business


Individual Client Icon


- 1 Custom Client Icon Of Your Choice

(Nudity, Racism, Sexism And Bullying Are Prohibited)


By purchasing a package from our shop you understand that you are donating money/monies to our community for running cost, this includes but is not limited to:
- Server Cost
- Domain
- Maintenance
For your purchase you will receive nothing more than what is stated in the product description, for donating to our website you will receive nothing but a warm thanks in return.

Please understand that this means that all donations done through our shop or other means available on our website, are strictly voluntary, so you may not request a refund, you should only donate if you are the following:
- Financially fit to do so
- You are at/over the age of 18
- You are the owner of your payment method

We do all the necessary and relevant checks to make sure you meet our requirements and the law requirements to make sure you are legally allowed to donate to our community.

If you do attempt to and/or make a payment refund (and/or chargeback,) you will be permanently removed from our community, this is due to the fact that a payment refund/chargeback affecting our network; therefore, you should only make a donation if you know you are financially stable and fit to do so.

Staff reserve the right to remove you permanently or temporarily from our community for breaking community rules, in doing so, you may not request a refund for any virtual items and/or money/monies you have bought/donated.

Staff reserve the right to remove your access to our service(s) at anytime for what we would deem a valid reason; i.e. disrupting our network through (Distributed) Denial of service attack or any other form of attack, including but is not limited to:
- Harassment
- Vandalism
= Denigrating
We accept no liability for loss of service due to, connection lost, server errors, server crashes or anything else that would constitute to unintended loss of access to our service(s).

All donations are strictly voluntary so you may not request a refund, by continuing past this point you acknowledge that you accept all terms and conditions stated above.

Thank you for your support.

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