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    • Dom

      Looking for Developers!   03/27/2017

      I am currently looking for a multitude of developers to join the team, I need: Texturers - people with experience in things like photoshop, gimp - to make new textures for vehicles, clothing and signs Modellers - people with experience in things such a blender, object builder, maya - to make new vehicles, as well as much smaller physical item models Programmers - people with experience in any sort've programming language, preferably SQF/C++ - to create totally new content Balance consultant/config writer - no experience needed - this role will be to fill config's in, and make sure that gameplay is balanced, by putting in the content made at fair prices, to ensure the economy is balanced, as well as balancing cars, vests and anything like that If your interested, please send me a PM or put in a dev app. Thanks, Dom
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Boris Bloomberry

Player Report Template [MUST USE]

Title [Player(s) name you’re reporting] - Player Report

Player reports will be reviewed by a Junior Game Master+. If the evidence provided proves the accused party guilty the report will be moved to ban request for a final revision by an Game Master+ and any necessary bans will be carried out. The player submitting the report may also be banned if rules are broken in the evidence provided..


To report a player for RDM please provide footage with 2 minutes prior.

All video evidence must be your own personal video, or you must have permission to use someone elses footage.



Name(s) of the player(s) you’re reporting:


Name of any players involved:


Date and time of the situation:


What rules breaks are you accusing the player(s) for?:


Evidence (Video please add time stamps/screenshots):


Provide a detailed explanation of the events leading to the report:

Do you understand that once you have posted the complaint, it may not be withdrawn (unless approved by a Senior Game Master or above)?:

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