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      A tutorial of how to install the mods can be found HERE.   Current Repository link:  http://repo.ordinarygaming.net/a3smain/.a3s/autoconfig
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      Just because we're in beta does not mean that you don't have to follow the rules. They're in place for a reason bans and WP will be given if issues keep happening.  

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  1. Anyone know of some basic tutorials sources for new people to the arma3 rp community. Maybe a getting started in town tutorial. Basic stuff like key places on map. How and where to get gps and phones. What jobs are available and where to get them. Even basic key commands like how to ctrl your actions to bring up more actions. I myself am so know i surrendered and was stuck in surrender unable to move lol. I know most of this is basic knowledge but this being an open community for the time being. I imagine there will be people joining that have little knowledge of these things.

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