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    • Dom

      Looking for Developers!   03/27/2017

      I am currently looking for a multitude of developers to join the team, I need: Texturers - people with experience in things like photoshop, gimpĀ - to make new textures for vehicles, clothing and signs Modellers - people with experience in things such a blender, object builder, maya - to make new vehicles, as well as much smaller physical item models Programmers - people with experience in any sort've programming language, preferably SQF/C++ - to create totally new content Balance consultant/config writer - no experience needed - this role will be to fill config's in, and make sure that gameplay is balanced, by putting in the content made at fair prices, to ensure the economy is balanced, as well as balancing cars, vests and anything like that If your interested, please send me a PM or put in a dev app. Thanks, Dom

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  1. ACCEPTED: If you have been accepted you will undergo a interview so we know if your are a good fit or not, This is a very simple interview. It gives us a rough idea of how you think, This will be the easiest Interview you probably undertake. For your interview you will need to know the following very well: SOPS - the questions will be based off of SOPS - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bKEoALvZsguL4f60V914XuYeYl4IqwUIYoImx4ZMkf4/edit?usp=sharing Common sense: questions will also be based off of common sense. ON HOLD If you have been put ON HOLD, it means you either have done something incorrectly or hiring status is closed, if it is incorrect you will have 24 hours to fix otherwise you will be denied, You may Reapply 48 hours after the DENIED comment has been posted. DENIED: If you have been DENIED it will be due to a major reason, we here in EMS dont believe you should have to write a whole book to become EMS but if your application shows a lack off effort it will be denied. other reasons it may be denied is because your could be blacklisted or you were discharged within the month. DISCHARGED: If you have been accepted and then discharged, this means your were dishonorably fired from EMS, When this happens you will be blacklisted from 30 days to permanently. To receive a DISCHARGE you have seriously screwed up, you either received 3 strikes or received a immediate dismissal due to breaking a major rule or SOP. BLACKLIST: Black listing is giving when we believe you are not in the right mindset for EMS, when your are DISCHARGED, you will recieve a 30 day blacklist from EMS to show you cannot Reapply for EMS until the month is over. Only CAPTAIN up can handout a blacklist and i must be discussed with either the D.COMMISSIONER and/or the COMMISSIONER before the blacklist will be approved.
  2. THE EMS HIRING STATUS IS OPEN, Feel free to put a app in.

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