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    • John Reddington

      Arma3Sync Repo   12/24/2016

      A tutorial of how to install the mods can be found HERE.   Current Repository link:  http://repo.ordinarygaming.net/a3smain/.a3s/autoconfig
    • John Reddington

      READ THE RULES   12/27/2016

      Just because we're in beta does not mean that you don't have to follow the rules. They're in place for a reason bans and WP will be given if issues keep happening.  

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  1. First Name: Last Name: Age: where are you from? Timezone: Why do you want to become a member of the EMS? (75 words) What do you hope to get out of being a member of the EMS? (50 WORDS) Who is the current Commissioner of EMS? Do you have any experience? Can you work well with others? Do you have patience when dealing with people? Can you take orders? Do you understand That If your are Inactive you will be removed? Do You understand that If you do not reach role play standards you will be removed? What is your duty as a member of EMS? (Whats your opinion) I (NAME) Agree that by submitting This Form I will do My best to create good role play, Follow ALL rules and SOP's and Keep updated With EMS activities. I agree If I Do Not Fulfill my duties I WILL be removed From EMS. Lastly I agree that If I break any RULES, OR COMMIT ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES ON EMS LIFE, I will be removed and blacklisted. I (NAME) Sign This document and put it forward to be Reviewed.
  3. TITLE: YOUR NAME | DATE | LVSO PATROL APPLICATION 1. First and Last Name: 2. DoB (Date of Birth): 3. Location: 4. Timezone: 5. Why do you want to become a Patrol Deputy? (100 words) 6. What makes you stand out over other applicants?(100 words): 7. What are your future goals in the Sheriff's Office?(75 words) 8. Any notable experience? 9. Can you work under stressful conditions? Declaration of Agreement By submitting this application to the Lakeside Valley Sheriff's Office, I, [Name Here] declare that all information contained herein is true and correct. I understand that a background check will be performed. I agree not to inquire about my application either accepted or denied unless instructed to do so. I have provided this information myself, under my own consent. I agree to ALL terms and conditions as set out in any policy or manual and understand that I may be discharged if it has been seen that I am unfit for duty or have violated any of the following, but not limited to: Policy, Manual, Term, Condition, or Order. Once you join the Lakeside Valley Sheriff's Office as a Deputy, you are considered to be part of a legal faction. As a member of the Lakeside Valley Sheriffs Office you will be considered an "At Will" employee meaning, at any time and without notice, the Command Staff reserves the right to terminate your employment in accordance with the LVSO Disciplinary Action SOP; an officer may also choose to resign from their position at any point during their employment. As we are a legal faction, by submitting this application you agree that if you are ever no longer a member of the Lakeside Valley Sheriff's Office, any houses or dwellings in your possession may be searched in according with the Search and Seizure laws and Standard Operating Procedures. Do you agree to adhere and understand the above declarations: [yes/no] Signed – [Name Here]

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