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    • John Reddington

      Arma3Sync Repo   12/24/2016

      A tutorial of how to install the mods can be found HERE.   Current Repository link:  http://repo.ordinarygaming.net/a3smain/.a3s/autoconfig
    • John Reddington

      READ THE RULES   12/27/2016

      Just because we're in beta does not mean that you don't have to follow the rules. They're in place for a reason bans and WP will be given if issues keep happening.  

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  3. @Kakashi Carnage At this time your APP has been accepted, see anyone from advanced emt and above for your interview.
  4. Name: Sam Accardo Age: 16 (turn 17 in 4 days) SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/templ0/ How long have you been apart of Ordinary Gaming?: around a week (joined from this lol http://youtu.be/QBnJdUA3efw ) What is your Timezone?: Australian Eastern Standard Time Why do you want to join the Support Team? (75 Word Minimum): I would like to join the support team because it is a easy yet semi fun job, I want to join because I would like to help out the staff team when it comes to people requesting support, I find the support team an easy job because of the number of communities I have been apart of staff/support. Another reason I would like to join this communities support team is because it helps me meet new people, ex. I was apart of a gang on a old server when the warriors were around and I wanted to join them, but I didnt have the balls to but nowdays I speak to people that used to be apart of older communities. Another reason I want to join support is because I'd like to work my ways up to the staff team and hopefully end up as a moderator / administrator. Why should we accept you over other applicants? (75 Word Minimum): I should be accepted over other people applying for support due to the fact that I have been in plenty of communities and I have a ton of experience with doing Civilian Interviews and helping people out, I'm also in a timezone where there isnt much people on from 7pm+ and I've seen people waiting for support but no one is on to help, so I usually would PM them asking them what they need. Im also dedicated to my work so if someone was having trouble and I couldnt solve it I wouldnt just drag them out the channel I would go out of my ways to help them. (If its something that I dont have the power to do such as admin work etc I would drag the to waiting for administrator. What special skills can you bring to our Support Team? (75 Word Minimum): I can bring skills that some other people dont have, I can bring respect, loyalty and honesty. If I mess up I would be honest about it and try to bullshit my way out of it. Secondly I can bring respect to other people and myself, there is times where I joke around and like to have a good time (who doesnt?), but I know when to be serious and stop dicking around. Lastly I am a pretty loyal person, if I join put my time into a community it pretty much means I like it and I wont go and shit talk staff behind there back. I can also bring a helping hand to the community How much time will you spend doing your duties as Support Team?: Its summer holidays in Australia so depending on outside activities I can do 1-5+ everyday Do you promise you will treat every member with respect and help anyone who needs it?: Yes Any extra information you'd like to add?: @John Reddington we should do the hostage boogy again. xd
  5. @Aaron @Rick Harrison @Skylar Reddington
  6. @Aaron @Rick Harrison @Skylar Reddington
  7. Anyone know of some basic tutorials sources for new people to the arma3 rp community. Maybe a getting started in town tutorial. Basic stuff like key places on map. How and where to get gps and phones. What jobs are available and where to get them. Even basic key commands like how to ctrl your actions to bring up more actions. I myself am so know i surrendered and was stuck in surrender unable to move lol. I know most of this is basic knowledge but this being an open community for the time being. I imagine there will be people joining that have little knowledge of these things.
  8. First Name: Kakashi Last Name: Carnage Age: 17 Where are you from? United States, California Timezone: Pacific Time Zone Why do you want to become a member of the EMS? (75 words) I been wanting to join the EMS for a long time. I love the EMS field, as I have a great passion for the EMS field, so it would be my honor to join the EMS. I am always respectful to the field. I would demote many of my time as a medic, I will always be active. I have some serious love the Department, so it would mean the world if I can be in the EMS. I will always help my fellow citizens, as well was my fellow medics and officers. Also, EMS seems like a very fun job to do again as I have been a EMS medic before, so it would awesome to work as a EMS EMT again. What do you hope to get out of being a member of the EMS? (50 WORDS) What I hope to get out of being a EMS EMT is to be the best I can be and achieve greatness, whether that would be ranking or just common courtesy. I have over 1 year of EMS related experience and have achieve ranks like EMT, Paramedic, Captain, and Assistant Chief. I absolutely love working in the EMS, and being able to become successful in the field as well is incredible. Who is the current Commissioner of EMS? Damo DiNozzo Do you have any experience? Yes, plenty of experience on other communities: Plenty of experience, I absolutely know what to expect Can you work well with others? Yes Do you have patience when dealing with people? Yes, plenty of patience Can you take orders? Yes Do you understand That If your are Inactive you will be removed? Yes Do You understand that If you do not reach role play standards you will be removed? Yes What is your duty as a member of EMS? (Whats your opinion) Your duty as a EMS member is to keep Lakeside safe and, well, alive. You are expected to show excelling attirbutes to enhance Lakesides well being. You are required to be able to work in stressful situations and be able to use critical thinking when needed. I Kakashi Carnage Agree that by submitting This Form I will do My best to create good role play, Follow ALL rules and SOP's and Keep updated With EMS activities. I agree If I Do Not Fulfill my duties I WILL be removed From EMS. Lastly I agree that If I break any RULES, OR COMMIT ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES ON EMS LIFE, I will be removed and blacklisted. I Kakashi Carnage Sign This document and put it forward to be Reviewed.
  9. Done.
  10. *Making a Name Change request here as there is no other appropriate place to do so* Name Change Request Current Name: Kakashi Gritsky New Name: Kakashi Carnage Reason: Joining alongside the Carnage Family
  11. "You are allowed to send 0 messages per day"
  12. Where is the bug found?: Forums Describe the bug: It says I can not send any messages because of something 0? How can it be replicated?: N/A Images / Video proof: N/A
  13. Done, come in game and poke me in teamspeak and I will give you tags.
  14. Can my name please be changed to James Jones so that it will match my in game rp name. Also how do i go about getting correct tags for civ in teamspeak so tfr works
  15. Support Team Application Title: Kakashi Carnage- Support Team - 12/31/2016 Name: Kakashi Carnage Age: 17 SteamID: 76561198043246559 How long have you been apart of Ordinary Gaming?: Since December 8th 2016 What is your Timezone?: Pacific Time Zone Why do you want to join the Support Team? (75 Word Minimum): I want to join the Support Team mainly because I love helping people. It is a great passion that I have to help others and I truly believe I can express that if I join the Support Team. I love helping people out as it makes me feel good. I always wanted to help people in the Support channels when they need help. I also would enjoy conducting interviews for new members possibly being induced in our great community. I believe the Support Team is a superb idea and I can't help to join the team. I have some good friends in the Support Team, so it would be also doing it together with them. Why should we accept you over other applicants? (75 Word Minimum): You should accept me over other applicants because of many things. I am a very mature, respectful, active, and outgoing person. As I said before, I love helping others. It is my pleasure to help people, so that is one key point a support member needs. I also very active. I spend at least 5-8+ hours a day in both TeamSpeak and in-game, so that is something that's very important. Most of the time I like chilling in TeamSpeak, so I can rapidly respond to anyone that needs help. I don't understand why some support members don't respond quickly to people, but I can assure you that is not the case with me. I have a vast amount of experience when it comes it support, so I know what to do and expect. What special skills can you bring to our Support Team? (75 Word Minimum): I special skills I contain are many. Like I said earlier, I have a mature, respectful, active, and outgoing person. I can benefit this team greatly, I assure you that. I am also very active as that can benefit the team greatly. I am very happy person in general, so you will not see me with a bad attitude. I am extremely passionate when it comes to helping people, so that would bring a different feel to the team when I am around. I fully understand what to expect as well what to do. I can handle stressful situations quite well, so if anything I can handle anything great and professionally. Those are some skills I have when it comes to the Support Team. How much time will you spend doing your duties as Support Team?: 5-8+ hours daily Do you promise you will treat every member with respect and help anyone who needs it?: Yes Any extra information you'd like to add?: I have plenty of experience in Support Team. I also have plenty of experience in Staff Team's on various communities. I have conducted large amounts of interviews and support cases, and I would love to show my work and dedication here.
  16. There is no name change request form so I decided to do it here. new name: Eric Savage Reason : Adopted by big daddy Gutta Savage
  17. What is your suggestion?: make it so you must have bought and turned on a GoPro for video to be valid evidence in RP situations. Have you checked if this has been suggested before?: yes Why do you feel this change should be made?: it would make it easier to know when someone was recording and it would negate some questionable recordings. Additional Information: I wanna be corrupt
  18. I mean -1 tear gas is meant to be used like that
  19. What is your suggestion?:Add rule to where only one tear gas can be thrown in a situation Have you checked if this has been suggested before?:Yes Why do you feel this change should be made?:becuase SERT just blindly throw every put gas mask on run in Additional Information:IT'S AIDS
  20. Maybe you would die less if your SERT team didnt go off duty and shoot you Xd
  21. 12/30/16 - DOJ,IA, and LEO Command cannot double life - Only EMS is allowed to double life into a gang - If you want to double life then you must have a different RP first and last name failure to do so will fall under FailRP - Pick a different first and last name to use and then stick it with it failure to do so will result in WP
  22. What is your suggestion?: Increase cop pay Have you checked if this has been suggested before?: yes Why do you feel this change should be made?: As a captain I make $400 every 10 minutes. It cost 500 just to be revived and I have to buy gear and cars. I think pay should be increased so cops can actually make money at their job. Additional Information:
  23. Where is the bug found?: n/a Describe the bug: when you die with a injury ex: broken arm. and you respawn you wakeup with the injury. How can it be replicated?: Images / Video proof: n/a
  24. A3L did this removing unnecessary buildings, deleting 4k+ trees, and spreading lakeside out more. It improved the FPS pretty damn good. It was a smooth running server.
  25. +1
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