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    • Dom

      Looking for Developers!   03/27/2017

      I am currently looking for a multitude of developers to join the team, I need: Texturers - people with experience in things like photoshop, gimp - to make new textures for vehicles, clothing and signs Modellers - people with experience in things such a blender, object builder, maya - to make new vehicles, as well as much smaller physical item models Programmers - people with experience in any sort've programming language, preferably SQF/C++ - to create totally new content Balance consultant/config writer - no experience needed - this role will be to fill config's in, and make sure that gameplay is balanced, by putting in the content made at fair prices, to ensure the economy is balanced, as well as balancing cars, vests and anything like that If your interested, please send me a PM or put in a dev app. Thanks, Dom

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  2. Anyone know of some basic tutorials sources for new people to the arma3 rp community. Maybe a getting started in town tutorial. Basic stuff like key places on map. How and where to get gps and phones. What jobs are available and where to get them. Even basic key commands like how to ctrl your actions to bring up more actions. I myself am so know i surrendered and was stuck in surrender unable to move lol. I know most of this is basic knowledge but this being an open community for the time being. I imagine there will be people joining that have little knowledge of these things.
  3. 12/30/16 - DOJ,IA, and LEO Command cannot double life - Only EMS is allowed to double life into a gang - If you want to double life then you must have a different RP first and last name failure to do so will fall under FailRP - Pick a different first and last name to use and then stick it with it failure to do so will result in WP
  4. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfZN2kznww4vhmo6-Q95NP6QwkWpU8puAwg8mS_PnOgLFaVbg/formResponse
  5. ACCEPTED: If you have been accepted you will undergo a interview so we know if your are a good fit or not, This is a very simple interview. It gives us a rough idea of how you think, This will be the easiest Interview you probably undertake. For your interview you will need to know the following very well: SOPS - the questions will be based off of SOPS - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bKEoALvZsguL4f60V914XuYeYl4IqwUIYoImx4ZMkf4/edit?usp=sharing Common sense: questions will also be based off of common sense. ON HOLD If you have been put ON HOLD, it means you either have done something incorrectly or hiring status is closed, if it is incorrect you will have 24 hours to fix otherwise you will be denied, You may Reapply 48 hours after the DENIED comment has been posted. DENIED: If you have been DENIED it will be due to a major reason, we here in EMS dont believe you should have to write a whole book to become EMS but if your application shows a lack off effort it will be denied. other reasons it may be denied is because your could be blacklisted or you were discharged within the month. DISCHARGED: If you have been accepted and then discharged, this means your were dishonorably fired from EMS, When this happens you will be blacklisted from 30 days to permanently. To receive a DISCHARGE you have seriously screwed up, you either received 3 strikes or received a immediate dismissal due to breaking a major rule or SOP. BLACKLIST: Black listing is giving when we believe you are not in the right mindset for EMS, when your are DISCHARGED, you will recieve a 30 day blacklist from EMS to show you cannot Reapply for EMS until the month is over. Only CAPTAIN up can handout a blacklist and i must be discussed with either the D.COMMISSIONER and/or the COMMISSIONER before the blacklist will be approved.
  6. THE EMS HIRING STATUS IS OPEN, Feel free to put a app in.
  7. If you would like to impeach someone, you must file a papers of impeachment in this section. There is no template. After you post the impeachment, the justice and Chief Justice will review and determine if there needs to be a trial. A jury of 9 people (2 LEOs, 2 EMS and 5 civilians) will vote if the individual will be impeached. The following positions can be impeached: High Command in Law enfoecement High Command in Fire and EMS
  8. After you have a trial with a judge, and an appeal hearing with a justice, You are free to file for an appeal that the Chief Justice will look at. Link your trial, your appeal in your supreme court appeal filing, and make the title: Supreme Court Appeal - Name - Date
  9. After you have a trial with a judge, You are free to file for an appeal that a justice will look at. Link your trial in your appeal filing, and make the title: Appeal filing - Name - Date
  10. This is where your bond will be move when it goes to trial by the courts of Lakeside Valley
  11. Lakeside Valley Department of Justice Bond System Overview: The goal of the bond system is to allow those who feel they have been unjustly accused to be acquitted of their charges. The bond system is a tool which allows people to present their case in front of a judge. The system allows someone to pay a sum of money as a form of collateral to encourage them to return for their hearing. Rather than bail, where you cannot have your money returned to you, with bond you have a chance to have the money returned. Formula: Maximum Sentence x $5,000 = Bond Amount The maximum sentence is in minutes and the full amount must be paid by one party. Process in Practice: An officer places a suspect under arrest and transports them to an appropriate facility for processing The suspect is offered a plea deal, if they suspect feels that the charges are fair and just they can plead guilty and the person can be sentenced The suspect is offered a plea deal, if they feel the charges are unjust or unfair, they believe they are not guilty of charges or if there is a stalemate over reasonable doubt they can request bond Background checks must be done in order to ensure that the person is able to receive bond. This includes checking to see if they have any current active bonds, if they pose a flight risk (past bonds which they skipped on, leading to a bounty being opened), or any other circumstances which would lead the person to be unable to come to a hearing within four days Bond must be approved by an authorized official (any Department of Justice Member, Prosecutors from the District Attorney’s Office) and law enforcement officers (rank Deputy, Trooper, or other equivalent rank) and above Prior to issuing the bond the person who is being bonded out must be read the bond agreement below and agree to all of it’s terms. The suspect can either pay bond themselves or can contact someone that can pay the full amount for them The person who authorized the bond must take screenshots of the tickets being issued and the payments being made and attach them to the bond The arresting officer must post the bond form and attach all evidence which they possess in order to aid in determining the outcome of the case The arresting officer must add the charges to the suspect's criminal record in the database and include the bond amount Once the request is posted the District Attorney’s Office will have up to forty eight hours from the time it is posted to take receipt of the case, if the District Attorney’s Office does not take receipt then all charges will be acquitted and the bond will be returned If the District Attorney’s Office takes receipt of the bond a court date will be set and the suspect must appear before a Judge in the four day limit or the bond will be revoked and a bounty will be issued After the District Attorney’s Office takes receipt of the case the bond will be opened to discovery and any motions either side may have, in discovery all evidence which is planning on being used in the court hearing must be presented to give either party adequate time to review it. If evidence is not attached and is not brought up until the time of hearing it will not be allowed Once the hearing has taken place the court will come to a conclusion on the outcome of the case. If the suspect is found guilty or if they are acquitted of their charges the are still entitled to have their bond returned as they showed up to the hearing Bond can be returned by filling out a compensation request on the website and referencing the bond as your proof of loss Bond Agreement: When an individual decides to go out on bond they automatically agree to the terms listed below in order to ensure that all bonds are treated fairly. This agreement is still applicable even if the bond issuer did not read the agreement to the party requesting bond. The party being bonded must appear before a judge within four days of the bond being issued If the party being bonded is arrested again while out on bond the money is automatically forfeited and they will automatically be sentenced for the charges on the bond as well as the new charges they have acquired which can be appealed at a later date The party being bonded may turn themselves in at any point and plead guilty to the charges at any time during the four day period and they will still be entitled to have their bond returned If the bonded party fails to appear a bounty will be issued and the bond will be forfeited, the party who was bonded will not be eligible to go out on bond for two weeks after the bounty is issued Bond Violations: If a suspect is out on bond and they are arrested for another misdemeanor or felony, they are to go to jail for the new charges as well as the original charges that they were out on bond for. If they fail to appear before a judge within four days of the bond being issued the bond will be forfeited and a bounty will be issued. If the bonded individual fails to appear there will be a cooldown period of two weeks before they are able to go out on bond again as they are considered a flight risk. Bond Payments: A person may pay their own bond or have someone else pay the bond for them. The payment shall be made in the form of a ticket charged to the person who is paying the bond. Only the authorized officials and law enforcement officers may approve bonds as they will be designated as Magistrates. Once the payment has gone through and been processed the arresting party must update the criminal database with the amount of the bond. Bond is refundable once a person has completed their scheduled hearing. The bond money will be returned to whomever payed it through a compensation request on the website referencing their bond as proof of loss.Bond may also be refunded if the person who was bonded out pleads guilty to the charges within the four day period and is sentenced for the original charges. If the suspect does not come to their hearing they will automatically forfeit and it will be converted into a bounty. Once the bond is converted into an open bounty all qualified Bounty Hunters are authorized to execute warrants for fifty percent of the total bond amount paid. In order to become an authorized bounty hunter you must pass an exam and pay a fee to receive the Bounty Hunter License. Open Bounties: If a bounty hunter executes a warrant on an individual with an open bounty they must bring the person with the bounty to any police headquarters and turn them over to a law enforcement officer. The person must be alive and it is encouraged that you take a photo of the process of you handing the person with an open bounty to the police.
  12. A warrant is a document which gives a law enforcement agency authorization to perform an arrest, a search and seizure or any form of administration of justice. Due to a warrant being considered a legal document and the power associated within one can not simply refuse a warrant. Refusing to obey or interfering with the execution of a warrant is a crime in itself. There are two types of warrants which may be issued. The most common is an arrest warrant which is filed by a law enforcement officer or a State Prosecutor. An arrest warrant allows a law enforcement officer to take you into police custody and transport you to the appropriate facility in order to resolve the warrant. The person who the warrant is served on will have the option of pleading guilty to the charges, going out on bond, paying bail or going to trial (if the resources are available). In order for an arrest warrant to be approved it only needs to show that probable cause is present; it does not mean that a person is considered guilty. The second type of warrant which may be issued is a bench warrant. Bench warrants are issued directly from the "bench" from a Judge or Justice. These are only used in specific situations such as someone who has failed to appear for their bond and have entered a no contest plea or in situations where someone is held in contempt of court. When a bench warrant is served a person is to be sentenced immediately, a plea deal or bond is not to be offered. If a person feels that a bench warrant is unjust then an appeal can be filed after they have served their sentence. For a warrant to be executed it must be approved by a Judge or Justice within the Department of Justice. Once a warrant has been approved it lasts an indefinite amount of time unless otherwise specified when the warrant is in the approval process. When submitting a warrant request the template below shall be used: Thread Title: <Suspect's Name> - Arrest Warrant Name of Suspect: How did you ascertain their identity? (prior run-ins, checked license, etc.): Charges: Incident Report (from your point of view, be specific): Evidence: Witness Statements: Sufficient evidence must be provided in order to ensure that probable cause for an arrest is present. If the evidence provided is deemed insufficient then the arrest warrant will be denied and the alleged will be released free of charge. This format is only to be utilized for a citizen to be arrested and not for search warrants.
  13. From here on out. If you're interested in joining the Sheriffs Office. You must fill out an application. At no point are we just hiring people straight in. Regards, Captain Anthony Winters
  14. Must be 2+ weeks crime free Must be knowledgable of criminal code Must be a good character Must be willing to complete academy Must be willing to complete interview Must be physically and emotionally fit Must be above age 16 Must be a team player Must not be on bond, or bail Must not have been in a gang in the past 2 weeks Good luck!
  15. Support Team Application Template Title: [Name] - Support Team - [Date] Name: Age: SteamID: How long have you been apart of Ordinary Gaming?: What is your Timezone?: Why do you want to join the Support Team? (75 Word Minimum): Why should we accept you over other applicants? (75 Word Minimum): What special skills can you bring to our Support Team? (75 Word Minimum): How much time will you spend doing your duties as Support Team?: Do you promise you will treat every member with respect and help anyone who needs it?: Any extra information you'd like to add?:
  16. Support Team Applications are Open Best of luck to everyone!
  17. Server Rules Ordinary Gaming Official Rules. These rules will be updated frequently, without notice. Please keep an eye on this for updated rules! Your goal on this server is to make RP fun for yourselves AND others, not win gun fights. Requirements to join: Clear microphone Proper RP Name Greenzones No crime in Green Zones. (20m radius around these areas) - Sheriff’s Office fenced-in areas. - Jail is not a green zone when a jailbreak is in progress. - Civilian Spawns - EMT Bases / Hospitals - Inside bars and casinos. - ATM’s - Car Garage - The race track. - The Shooting Range. - NPCS (except drug dealer AND drug processor / packagers AND hookers) - Running into a green zone whilst in a combat situation the zone is no longer a "green zone". - Excessive baiting/trash talking inside a green zone is classed as initiation. - Courthouses are green-zones at all times - you can not take over the courthouses. Exploiting / Power Gaming / General Etiquette -Using unintended methods of obtaining gear is bannable. IE taking gear from Paintball/Duping/AI. -Under NO circumstances do you leave the map. -No logging out / in to avoid RP situations. -No disruptive behaviour, IE - Abuse, Spamming music in bank robberies, yelling in PD or baiting police. -Dont METAGAME or break character. -Dont create invisible knives, choke people with handcuffs etc. You are not a wizard. NLR (New Life Rule) If you RESPAWN - You can remember friends. - You cannot remember enemies. - You cannot return to the scene of your death until 15 minutes after re-spawn. - You cannot return to the same RP situation. If you are REVIVED - You can not remember the past 15 minutes unless its for medical purposes. - You can not reinitiate in the same RP situation. - You can be reintroduced to a RP situation via Law Enforcement charges / Restraining. - You can only use CPR to revive a player if you are planning on helping them. You can remember if CPR'd. Double Lives - DOJ,IA, and LEO Command cannot double life - Only EMS is allowed to double life into a gang - If you want to double life then you must have a different RP first and last name failure to do so will fall under FailRP - Pick a different first and last name to use and then stick it with it failure to do so will result in WP Initiation -You can not assault people with out proper vocal RP initiation that stems from you or your group in all situations. -You can not murder someone unless they have threatened your life or have not complied with your reasonable demands. -You can not holster your weapon until you are leaving a live fire scenario or it has ended. -Initiation must first be done by voice while you are outside of a vehicle. -Initiated role-play lasts for roughly 10 minutes before you must re-initiate. -You can not initiate gun play RP with police while restrained(for example: Telling Police they will die unless they let you go.) Initiation must be done by an outside source that was directly involved in the original RP situation. If you were not involved in the original situation, you can not shoot, rob or threaten the Police while they are making a detainment on your friend, gang member or random civilian. -Being restrained by a Police Officer is not classed as initiation. Cherishing Life - You must value all life unless you are in a RP initiated life threatening situation with the person(s). - You do not revive / Cpr people in an active gunfight. Civilian Sided - You CANNOT use a police taser or wear police clothing. - You CANNOT steal EMS vehicles / clothing / vests. - Gangs cannot ally with each other Jail Breaks/Bank - If you use a helicopter, the front doors have to be blown upon landing. - You CANNOT take over the jail. - You CANNOT do a Jailbreak and a Bank Robbery at the same time if you are in the same group. Server Restarts When the server restarts and you are detained, you MUST come back unless told otherwise by your arresting officer. If someone does not lock pick you out of handcuffs, your arresting officer dies or an officer does not physically un-restrain you, RP must be continued as if you were still restrained. Sheriff Sided You CANNOT sell or give cop gear/weapons. Doing so will result in a perm ban. Side chat can ONLY be used to find out the tac. You CANNOT taze people out of enclosed vehicles. Internal Affairs are not allowed to be corrupt or double life DOJ Sided You CANNOT be corrupt doing so will result in a perm ban EMS Sided Ems are a neutral force and do not take sides. You do not revive people in an active gunfight. No Criminal Activity is allowed while you are on duty as an EMS. EMS are in control of you after reviving you, do everything they ask and RP your injuries. Ban Procedures & Punishments Fail RP 1 day 1 week Permanent RDM/VDM 3 days 1 weeks Permanent Glitching or Exploit 1 week 2 weeks Permanent Looting bodies 1 day 1 week Permanent Combat Logging 1 day 1 week Permanent Metagaming 3 days 1 week Permanent Disrespect/Racism 1 day 1 week Permanent EMS Abuse (stealing EMS vehicles, robbing EMS, etc.) 1 day 1 week Permanent New Life Rule (NLR) 3 days 2 weeks Permanent Green Zone Violation 1 day 1 week Permanent Combat Log 1 day 1 week Permanent Side Chat Abuse/Spam Kick 1 day 1 week Permanent Out of Character 1 week 3 weeks Permanent 30 warning points Permanent
  18. Monetization Status: APPROVED Individual Donations Tier 1 (Donator) $15+ - Access to Donator only clothing and vehicle skins (Not yet implemented) - Donator tag on TS Tier 2 (Donator Plus) $30+ - Donator Plus tag on TS - Access to Donator only clothing and vehicle skins (Not yet implemented) - Custom color name tag in game Gang/Business Donations If you want to get your gang or business some custom items in game then here's our Donation Options: Gang/Business Package 1 $40 (One Time Purchase) - 3 TS Channels and 1 TS tag - Custom Vest Skin - Custom Outfit Skin Gang/Business Vehicle Skin $10 - 1 Custom Vehicle Skin for your Gang/Business Gang/Business Vest Skin $10 - 1 Custom Vest Skin for your Gang/Business Gang/Business TS Channel $5 - 1 TS Channel for your Gang/Business Gang/Business TS Tag $5 - 1 TS Tag for your Gang/Business Individual Client Icon $10 - 1 Custom Client Icon Of Your Choice (Nudity, Racism, Sexism And Bullying Are Prohibited) By purchasing a package from our shop you understand that you are donating money/monies to our community for running cost, this includes but is not limited to: - Server Cost - Domain - Maintenance For your purchase you will receive nothing more than what is stated in the product description, for donating to our website you will receive nothing but a warm thanks in return. Please understand that this means that all donations done through our shop or other means available on our website, are strictly voluntary, so you may not request a refund, you should only donate if you are the following: - Financially fit to do so - You are at/over the age of 18 - You are the owner of your payment method We do all the necessary and relevant checks to make sure you meet our requirements and the law requirements to make sure you are legally allowed to donate to our community. If you do attempt to and/or make a payment refund (and/or chargeback,) you will be permanently removed from our community, this is due to the fact that a payment refund/chargeback affecting our network; therefore, you should only make a donation if you know you are financially stable and fit to do so. Staff reserve the right to remove you permanently or temporarily from our community for breaking community rules, in doing so, you may not request a refund for any virtual items and/or money/monies you have bought/donated. Staff reserve the right to remove your access to our service(s) at anytime for what we would deem a valid reason; i.e. disrupting our network through (Distributed) Denial of service attack or any other form of attack, including but is not limited to: - Harassment - Vandalism = Denigrating We accept no liability for loss of service due to, connection lost, server errors, server crashes or anything else that would constitute to unintended loss of access to our service(s). All donations are strictly voluntary so you may not request a refund, by continuing past this point you acknowledge that you accept all terms and conditions stated above. Thank you for your support.
  19. First Name: Last Name: Age: where are you from? Timezone: Why do you want to become a member of the EMS? (75 words) What do you hope to get out of being a member of the EMS? (50 WORDS) Who is the current Commissioner of EMS? Do you have any experience? Can you work well with others? Do you have patience when dealing with people? Can you take orders? Do you understand That If your are Inactive you will be removed? Do You understand that If you do not reach role play standards you will be removed? What is your duty as a member of EMS? (Whats your opinion) I (NAME) Agree that by submitting This Form I will do My best to create good role play, Follow ALL rules and SOP's and Keep updated With EMS activities. I agree If I Do Not Fulfill my duties I WILL be removed From EMS. Lastly I agree that If I break any RULES, OR COMMIT ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES ON EMS LIFE, I will be removed and blacklisted. I (NAME) Sign This document and put it forward to be Reviewed.
  20. Trial Staff Application are Currently CLOSED
  21. Name: Date of Birth and Age: What is your time zone?: How long have you been a member of Ordinary Gaming? Why do you want to join the staff team?(100 words min): What makes you stand out above all other applicants?(100 words min): What special skills can you bring to our staff team?(100 words min): Have you ever been banned or receiving WP in the past? If so why?: How active are you daily?: Do you understand that being a staff member is a voluntary position and that you need to have patience and maturity. It also requires you to be unbiased and mature?: Do you also understand as a staff member you need to balance your activity in staff and in game?: AGREEMENT: I, [Name] understand that if i'm accepted into the staff member that i'm to be held to a higher standard than other players and that I must display professionalism at all times. I also understand that being apart of the staff team is a voluntary position.
  23. TITLE: YOUR NAME | DATE | LVSO PATROL APPLICATION 1. First and Last Name: 2. DoB (Date of Birth): 3. Location: 4. Timezone: 5. Why do you want to become a Patrol Deputy? (100 words) 6. What makes you stand out over other applicants?(100 words): 7. What are your future goals in the Sheriff's Office?(75 words) 8. Any notable experience? 9. Can you work under stressful conditions? Declaration of Agreement By submitting this application to the Lakeside Valley Sheriff's Office, I, [Name Here] declare that all information contained herein is true and correct. I understand that a background check will be performed. I agree not to inquire about my application either accepted or denied unless instructed to do so. I have provided this information myself, under my own consent. I agree to ALL terms and conditions as set out in any policy or manual and understand that I may be discharged if it has been seen that I am unfit for duty or have violated any of the following, but not limited to: Policy, Manual, Term, Condition, or Order. Once you join the Lakeside Valley Sheriff's Office as a Deputy, you are considered to be part of a legal faction. As a member of the Lakeside Valley Sheriffs Office you will be considered an "At Will" employee meaning, at any time and without notice, the Command Staff reserves the right to terminate your employment in accordance with the LVSO Disciplinary Action SOP; an officer may also choose to resign from their position at any point during their employment. As we are a legal faction, by submitting this application you agree that if you are ever no longer a member of the Lakeside Valley Sheriff's Office, any houses or dwellings in your possession may be searched in according with the Search and Seizure laws and Standard Operating Procedures. Do you agree to adhere and understand the above declarations: [yes/no] Signed – [Name Here]
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